Any researcher who wants to isolate PBMCs from blood or cellular suspension knows the immense hurdles that lie ahead. There is always the risk of pouring the BCS too fast, resulting in an absent or ill-defined interface with a drop in PBMC yield. Then the risk of not having consistent yields from tube-to-tube or experiment-to-experiment. The cost of using an alternative, such as the Sepmate™, Accuspin™, or LeucoSep™, is just too high.

Welcome to the future, welcome to Floaties™ ! Floaties™ are a mix of special polymers that are specially formulated to protect the fragile ficoll™ interface. Floaties™ are added on top of the ficoll™ solution, then BCS is poured over the layer of Floaties™. They will evenly overlay BCS onto ficoll™ solution consistently.



If you are interested in ordering, please contact [email protected].

Our pricing is extremely competitive. Pricing starts at $10.00 USD for a 250 mL bottle, which is enough for about twenty-four 50 mL conical tubes.

F-0001     250 mL            $10.00

F-0006     6 x 250 mL     $50.00

F-0012      12 x 250 mL    $95.00



Are Floaties™ available sterile ?

Floaties™ are only available non-sterile at this time; however, they can be sterilized by autoclaving.

Will Floaties™ really save me money ?

The dramatic amount of time during the overlay (and training) that is saved by using Floaties™ offsets its cost. Thus, you actually are saving money every time you use Floaties™ !

Do I have to change my existing isolation protocol ?

Absolutely not. Floaties™ easily fit into any protocol and do not require removal prior to centrifugation or buffy coat removal.

Are Floaties™ available internationally ?

Floaties™ are available internationally. We ship to every country.



Floaties™ help prevent spilling blood and contaminating your hood. The formula of plastic we use is absolutely non-toxic to BCS solutions and will not sink and ruin your buffy coat during centrifugation -- our polymer meets strict FDA certifications for contact with living cells.

To the right are two FLOW scatter: one with PBMC's isolated manually and one with PBMC's isolated with Floaties™. An isolation performed with Floaties™ produces robust PBMC's that are identical to performing the isolation by hand.



Overlay multiple samples quickly -- a perfect interface every time. No more slow and laborious sample layering over density gradient medium.

No prior technique is required to use Floaties, nor do you have to learn the overlay process. Anybody can now isolate PBMC's like a pro... quickly !

Each sample will have the same exact perfect overlay. Variability between samples is nearly eliminated and human error is no longer an issue.

Perfect for blood processing centers, large labs, or clinical research where large volumes of BCS are being processed -- Floaties WILL reduce your overlay time and dramatically increase isolation yields.



1. Add 15 mL of density gradient medium to 50 mL
polypropylene centrifuge tube.

2. Dilute sample with an equal volume of appropriate
buffer (i.e. RPMI + 2% FCS).

3. Add 15 mL of Floaties by pouring directly onto
density gradient medium.

4. Gently add sample over Floaties by pouring in a
circular motion. Floaties will rise to the top of your
sample, leaving behind perfect interface. Do not
worry if some Floaties do not rise immediately; they
will rise during centrifugation.

5. Centrifuge tube at 400 x g for 25 - 30 minutes at
room temperature with brake off.

6. Collect PBMCs by inserting pipette through layer of
Floaties and gently removing the buffy coat (white
layer near plasma-gradient interface.

Download a PDF of the instruction sheet HERE